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It is no longer news that…

Digital is the new normal for many businesses

However, this increased reliance on data and technology such as mobile and cloud computing for business innovation, operational agility and personalised customer experiences often comes at the expense of trust.

Many organisations are unaware of exactly how their business decisions could expose strategic information and technology assets to unauthorised access, data loss and violation of customer and employee privacy.

Our services are designed to help you understand these risks and to provide the support you need to mitigate them while remaining focused on your core business objectives.

Have you considered…

The risks your business may face from these areas?


Organisations are only as secure as their weakest link. While attention is often paid to external threats (e.g., phishing, ransomware), the insider threat is often ignored. This insider threat includes employees or vendors with legitimate access to computer systems who may deliberately or accidentally compromise privileged information. A holistic approach to digital technology risk must address the insider threat posed by employees.


Cloud has become an integral part of many business IT strategies, complimenting (and in some cases replacing) in-house/traditional IT structures. While the cloud has enabled advancements in mobile technology and data analytics, it has blurred the lines of the traditional network perimeter. Businesses must consider the cybersecurity and privacy implications of a ‘cloud first’ strategy.


The automation of high-volume, repeatable tasks such as queries, calculations, maintenance of records and transactions could reduce the risk from human error as well as drive efficiencies, increase quality and reduce costs as organisations pursue a digital strategy.


Data is the engine which drives the digital economy. For organisations to effectively leverage this critical corporate asset, attention must be paid to data quality, interoperability, security and privacy. Exploiting data for innovation requires organisations to adequately govern and protect this resource and comply with legislation such as the EU GDPR and the UK DPA 2018.

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Our team has the appropriate skills, experience and resourcing flexibility to deliver cost-effective and timely support to meet your technology risk assurance needs.

Our experience comes from years of delivering IT assurance and information security services to numerous clients within the UK financial services, retail, energy and utilities and aviation industries.

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Multi-industry, multi-functional expertise drawn from in-house and ‘Big 4’ consulting roles.


In-house/secondments, co-sourcing, full-sourcing support models and scaling of resources.


Technology agnostic, bringing objectivity and pragmatism to our projects.


Delivery of your immediate goals and support for your long term business objectives.

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